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WigginsFrontCover200.JPG Diana Wiggins Music CD "My Absurd Offering"

Sometimes I feel like the little boy with the loaves and
fishes. There is a HUGE need in front of me and all I
have is an absurdly small offering....somehow I still
have the audacity to hold it out to You. Then You bless
it, break it, and prepare a feast right there in front of
us all....with enough for everyone and some leftover.
So here it is....My Absurd Offering.

Includes these songs written by Diana Wiggins:

More Than Enough
The Bride's Song
I Can Trust The One I Have Believed
Nothing Is Impossible
All That Is Me
It Was You
Thank You Lord for Edward McKey
TheOneYearChronBible200.JPG The One Year Chronological Bible

A fascinating way to read through the Bible! Now you
can gain a better understanding of the order of
biblical events and the historical context in which
they unfolded. The One Year Chronological Bible
arranges the entire Bible text--books, chapters, and
even verses--in the order the events actually

In The One Year Chronological Bible, prophetic books
are interwoven with the historical accounts they
accompanied. Psalms follow the events they were
written about. Proverbs are placed in the time frame
in which they were compiled. The life of Christ is
woven into one moving story. And Paul's letters to the
young churches in the first century are integrated
into the book of Acts.

GraceFrontCover200.jpg "The Empowerment of Grace" four DVD series

Grace is "The Empowering presence of God, enabling
you to do what He has called you to do, and be what
He has created you to be"

DVD#1 -- What is Grace?
DVD#2 -- Grace and Me (My Place of Grace)
DVD#3 -- The Reality of Grace
DVD#4 -- Use Your Gracings for the Kingdom
CookbookCover200.jpg Cooking at the Crossroads Cookbook
A collection of hundreds of the favorite recipes from
members of the Crossroads Church in Belle Chasse,
WordofGodDiskSet200.jpg "The WORD of GOD in Chronological Order"

The set contains 9 CD's. The entire Bible is read in
chronological order with commentary by Pastor Jim
Woodard. There is also a bonus DVD "Great Chapters
of the Bible" by Pastor Jim.